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Supreme Court dashes APC’s Hope, declines to reverse self

The Supreme Court, on Thursday, foreclosed any chance by the All Progressives Congress, APC, to challenge the outcome of the 2019 general election in Rivers State.

New Mandate: By God and Rivers People

By Simeon Nwakaudu

There are several Biblical Guides to  courage and victory in the face of extreme ungodly obstacles. One of such guides is the one recorded in Numbers that involved Caleb. 

Aftermath Of Red Armband In Rivers Guber Election, An Unsavoury Military Role

The 2019 General elections no doubt have produced moments which are unforgettable in the anals of elections in the country. Perhaps, topmost among the moments generated by the exercise is the controversial militarization of the electoral process.

How Women Used Menstrual Blood To Stop  Soldiers In Rivers

ALARMED  Nigerian soldiers were forced to abandon their mission to hijack ballot boxes during the March 9 Governorship/House of Assembly elections when a leader of the protesting women of Ogu/Bolo communities in Rivers State,   out of desperation,  sprinkled blood from her drenched menstrual pad on military patrol vehicles and by some mystical interference, the engines refused to kick.

Hon. Amaechi Got It Wrong

By Nimi Thom-Manuel

When you go on a vengeance on someone you might never know what is in stock for you at the end of the day. God said "vengeance is mine, I  will  recompense". Since after  the  2015  elections Rt. Han. Rotimi  Amaechi had been on a vengeful and suicidal mission targeted primarily on Gov. Wike of Rivers State and by extension on Rivers people.