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Mischief Remains Inferior To Strategy, Performance And Acceptance

By Simeon Nwakaudu

Since the immediate past failed Rivers State Governor,  Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi imposed his political godson on his fractured party for the 2015 Governorship election, Dakuku Peterside has been oscillating round the political firmament , spewing mischief in order to remain relevant.

By Simeon Nwakaudu

Since the immediate past failed Rivers State Governor,  Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi imposed his political godson on his fractured party for the 2015 Governorship election, Dakuku Peterside has been oscillating round the political firmament , spewing mischief in order to remain relevant.

If he is not engaged in ethnic name dropping, he is bragging about his party's control of the levers of State violence to abduct the political structure of Rivers State. There was a time when Dakuku Peterside and his Oga were struggling to outdo each other in the circulation of mischievous falsehood on different Radio Stations around Port Harcourt.

For the moribund Rivers APC and her members, the only ticket to gaining the approval of the immediate past Rivers State Governor is to formulate and sustain mischief against Governor Wike. For Amaechi to choose you, you must generate a mind-boggling mischief. 

They have never defended the interest of Rivers State anywhere. They have just one objective. To insult Governor Wike and sponsor endless mischief.

If you are chosen, then you must continue to generate lies and mischief with the name of Governor Wike. As such, APC leaders continue to run in circles, never focusing on the issue of development.

Dakuku Peterside has forgotten so soon the favour done to him by Governor Wike.  As commissioner of works, Peterside denied his maternal home access to road. After spending eight years in Government, the Amaechi Administration left the Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo-Nkoro Unity Road unattended to. They focused on needless propaganda and the use of Rivers resources to fund APC National Campaigns. Governor Wike has linked Opobo Kingdom to the rest of Rivers State. 

Despite dealing horribly with his maternal home, Dakuku Peterside followed Amaechi to Bori for a political function where he resorted to lies. This was an APC function.  Dakuku Peterside told the APC faithful that Governor Wike has done nothing for the area. The few supporters at the poorly attended rally erupted in anger. They were about to disrupt the rally when Amaechi intervened, snatched the microphone from Dakuku Peterside and confessed before the rally that Governor Wike's  dualisation of the Sakpenwa-Bori Road was an excellent contribution to the economic development of the State.

Dakuku Peterside is at his game again. He has started the sponsorship of mischief through the APC Social Media Outlets. In some instances, he engages some misguided ethnic officials.

Imagine Dakuku Peterside acquiring a video and doctoring same to create room for the promotion of a campaign of calumny against Governor Wike. They take advantage of the fact that most Nigerians will not engage in simple content analysis.

In the video that Dakuku Peterside obtained and circulated,  Governor Wike was basically responding to issues  raised by the Chairman of Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers and Amayanabo of Opobo, King Douglas Dandeson Jaja. One of the issues centred on the Recognition of Traditional Rulers and the attempts by some unrecognised Traditional Rulers to usurp the functions of the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers. 

Governor Wike took out time to explain the actions that his Administration will take to ensure that the infractions by unrecognised Traditional Rulers are resolved.  This function was handed over to the Attorney General of Rivers State. Of course, nobody expects a mischief maker to Highlight these area.

At this time, Dakuku Peterside and other APC Factional groups had started sponsoring falsehood that Governor Wike was promoting an anti-Ijaw agenda.  Governor Wike took out time to debunk this lie.

He said: "I will continue to protect the assets of Rivers State. My goal is to protect the interest of Rivers State and her people.

"We are defending Rivers ownership of Soku Oil Wells. Soku Oil Wells are situated  in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State. I am saying no, we will not allow a neighbouring state take over what belongs to our people. 

"We don't have any anti-Ijaw Agenda. If there is anyone with anti-Ijaw agenda, it is those coming from outside to claim Soku Oil Wells that belong to Rivers State.  You want to take what belongs to our state and you want us to fold our hands.

"Rivers State is one. Nobody can divide this state. As Governor, I will not aagree for any outsider to take what belongs to Rivers State. I will will protect what belongs to our state."

Generally, it was a Frank meeting. A meeting that focused on the overall development of Rivers State.

Since 2015, Governor Wike has made the engagement with Traditional Rulers a key part of his administration.  His immediate past predecessor never accorded the Traditional Institution this type of respect. Every quarter, Governor Wike attends the meeting of the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers. There is no GOVERNOR in Nigeria that engages with his State's Traditional Rulers like Governor Wike.  No , not one. Let the APC sponsored mercenaries bring out show any other Governor that has met with a recognised Traditional Rulers in his state on three separate occasions. For Governor Wike,  it is every Quarter.

The immediate past APC Administration in Rivers State destroyed the entire Traditional Institution. Traditional Institution was weakened beyond measure and their Secretariat was left desolate. It took the intervention of Governor Wike for this story to change.

Governor Wike constructed an ultra-modern Secretariat for the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers. Whilst the construction lasted, the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers met inside the Banquet Hall of the Government House, Port Harcourt. Under Amaechi, it was only his faction of the State Assembly that enjoyed this privilege.

It is embarrassing that Dakuku Peterside, a major player in the Amaechi faction finds expression only in mischief. After losing the 2015 General Election,  Dakuku Peterside begged the Former APC National Chairman, Dr Oyegun to assist him prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari for REHABILITATION. He was appointed Director General of NIMASA.  According to his political godfather, Amaechi, NIMASA funds are in dollars. After 4 years at NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside believes that the only thing Rivers State deserves is occasional PRESS STATEMENTS to insult Governor Wike. Not even his maternal home has received any benefits from Dakuku Peterside.

He is not alone in this failure to perform. The Minister of Transportation has attracted nothing to Rivers State, aside the repeated attempts to rig elections in Rivers State. Nothing positive has been attracted Rivers State by this team. They were in control of NDDC for four years and even the APC Federal Government is so disheartened that an audit has been ordered .

For several years they have been involved in deliberate falsehood and manipulation of information, to no end. Every mischievous plot ends in failure. This route will not shake the support base of Governor Wike. 

Dakuku Peterside and his faction of Rivers APC over the years engaged social and traditional media agents to concoct misleading stories about Rivers State and de-market the State. Yet Rivers people continue to stand with the best performing Governor of Nigeria.

Dakuku Peterside, his political godfather and their co-travellers must understand that propaganda,  mischief and falsehood have their limit. When faced with performance and pro-people leadership, these anti-development elements fade out. 

Governor Wike is firmly rooted with the people. He interacts with them daily and effectively uses Rivers mandate for the development of Rivers State. They love him because of his high performance level and defence of Rivers interest.

Political gossip and falsehood only gains traction for a while.  After that, the reality of rejection remains. Unless Dakuku Peterside cultivates the virtue of performance and service to Rivers people, he will continue to grope in political darkness. There is no political leverage in political mischief, other than sadistic momentary pleasure.