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Nigerians Urged To Inculcate Reading Culture

…As Bro Chikaike Launches Book

Nigerians have been urged to inculcate the habit of reading not only to increase their vocabulary but to develop their scope of knowledge.

…As Bro Chikaike Launches Book

Nigerians have been urged to inculcate the habit of reading not only to increase their vocabulary but to develop their scope of knowledge.

The Chairman, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Rivers State Chapter, Mr. Uzo Nwamara gave this advice over the weekend in Port Harcourt during the official launch of a book by Bro Chikaike Paul Kalu, son of Joe Kalu, the Political Editor of the National Network Newspaper.

According to him, “It is important the youths especially are encouraged to develop the attitude of reading if we must protect the future of the country,” he said.

He made it clear that proceeds of the intellectual property is nothing compared with the resources that goes into the work but that it should not discourage anybody who wants to venture into the business of book writing as it has a long term benefit.

In his speech, the Chairman of the occasion, Special Senior Apostle, Eze (Dr) Sam Onyeka (JP), said it was amazing how the young lad inspite of negative influence that characterizes the Nigerian University Campuses came out with his shoulders high and even contemplated publishing a book despite his science background.   

Dr. Onyeka stressed the importance of encouraging the youths in order for them to redirect their energy into meaningful ventures.

He lamented that the inability of Africans to cultivate the habit of reading is a big handicap. “If anyone wants to hide anything, just put it in the books”, he stated.

Also speaking, the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rivers State Chapter, Most Special Apostle Stanley Dimkpa said he was overwhelmed by the efforts of the young boy. He stated that the youths are indeed the leaders of today and so should be encouraged, stressing that Nigeria as a country has very big potentials and bright future if rightly directed.

According to him, “I, as a representative of the fathers of faith in Nigeria decree a new thing for Nigerian youths. “They will sing a new song, He urged the youths who came to witness the event to emulate Paul Chikaike, the author who he noted had confirmed that Nigerian youths have a lot to offer.

Dr. Joseph Ansa, a lecturer in the department of Agriculture at the University of Port Harcourt motivated the author as an Industrial Trainee under him, said he was attracted and hooked to the author as a result of his consistence, humility and intelligence and had to encourage him even without caring much about his background.

According to him, “with the success recorded, I am satisfied and will do anything to encourage more youths attain their potentials”, he stated.

The book reviewer, Miss Glory Abah, a UK published author herself said the book is a must read for especially the young ones, observing that it was full of suspense. 

When I picked the book, I was wondering which visit and by who? I kept on reading until I discovered the theme which revolves around peer pressure on the vulnerable youths and its effects”.

She said the book is irresistible chapter after chapter until one is done and recommended it to even the school system. 

'The visit' is a debut by a young author, Bro Chikaike Paul Kalu. The book is well recommended for libraries and schools.